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Bulk Photo Scanning
Bring in your shoebox full of old photos and we will scan them for     
you and put them on a picture CD.  This will make it easy to share
and store.
Photos must be out of albums & frames and no larger
than 8x10

1,000 Photos                                $350
500 Photos                                   $225

Need help organizing your photos?  
Check out our tips for organizing
your photos.

Photo Scanning
1-50 Photos                                    1.00 each
50-499 Photos                                  .50 each
Large Document/Photo Scanning (over 8x10) $4 each

Slide Scanning-
1-20          $2.00 each
21-99            .95 each
100+             .75 each

Printing of Slides or Negatives-
4x6 or 4x4 Photo        $   .50 ea
5x7                               $4.00 ea
8x10 Photo                  $6.00 ea

Negative Scanning- .95 each

What is a picture CD?  A picture CD is a CD that holds individual files
that you can view on your computer.  Each picture/slide is a JPEG file.
To have your photos, negatives or slides  play on a DVD with
background music and one title Add $25 per order.
You will receive both a picture CD & a DVD     

Questions about the importance of picking the right slide scanning
Check out our 10 tips for picking a slide scanning service.
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