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Bulk Photo Scanning
Bring in your shoebox full of old photos and we will scan them for     
you and put them on a picture CD.  This will make it easy to share
and store.
Photos must be out of albums & frames and no larger
than 8x10

1,000 Photos                                $375
500 Photos                                   $240

Need help organizing your photos?  
Check out our tips for organizing
your photos.

Photo Scanning- Less than 500 pictures:
1-50 Photos                                    $3.00 each
50-499 Photos                                $ .60 each
Large Document/Photo Scanning (over 8x10) $6 each
Organize & Share your Photos,
Slides & Negatives
Take 5 Productions, LLC
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Picture Transfer to DVD or Digital Files,
Video Slideshows & Audio Transfers
Serving the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area, Minnesota, Iowa & the USA!
Call or Text: 608-790-3608- Onalaska, Wisconsin
W8071 Forest Dr, Onalaska- By Appointment
There's nothing more overwhelming
than boxes of photos or slides.  They
can't be shared, take up a lot of room
and aren't protected in case of a
disaster.  Take 5 can scan all your
memories to make them easy to share
and store.
Slide Scanning-
1-9          $3.00 each
10-99          1.50 each
100+             .75 each

Printing of Slides or Negatives-
4x6 or 4x4 Photo        $1.50 ea
5x7                               $6.00 ea
8x10 Photo                  $8.00 ea

Questions about the importance of picking the right slide scanning
Check out our 10 tips for picking a slide scanning service.
Slides can be overwhelming!  We
can scan all types of slides.  They
can be in carousels, loose or in
boxes.  It doesn't matter to us.  Just
bring them in the order you would
like them scanned.  We can scan
and/or print your slides.
Negative Scanning-
1-20          $5.00 each
21+                .95 each

Printing of Negatives-
4x6 or 4x4 Photo        $1.50 ea
5x7                               $6.00 ea
8x10 Photo                  $8.00 ea
Negative scanning is the most time
consuming service we provide.  Each
negative has to be scanned manually at
a very high resolution.  But once they are
done, they are easy for you to enjoy.  We
can scan ALL types of negatives, from
2"x2" to 8x10".  

Picture CD:
Your order automatically includes a picture CD.  A picture CD is
each individual slide, picture or negative as a separate JPEG.  
A JPEG is simply a digital picture, such as one you could take
on your phone.  A JPEG is easily shared on facebook or
emailed.  You can also print your own prints if you would like.

Flash Drive/Thumb Drive:
If you would like a flash drive vs a picture CD, you can.  Simply
add $30 per order.  The files are the same.  

make a movie.  Each picture is held for 5 seconds and faded to
the next and so on.  It includes background music and a title.  A
DVD is all of the pictures, slides or negatives combined to
Simply add $40 per order for a DVD/Movie.
We offer two options for drop 1.  
You can leave your memories in
our drop box.- No appoinment
2.  You can make an appointment
and we will meet you at your car
Our offices are way too small to
maintain social distancing.  We
want to keep everyone safe!