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    What can we convert?
    We can convert 8mm, Super 8, 16mm all with or without sound.

    How much of my film will fit onto a DVD?
    A DVD will hold 120 minutes: Run Times are approximate

    3" Diameter-   50'- Run Time:   4 minutes
    5" Diameter- 200'- Run Time:  15 minutes
    7" Diameter- 400'- Run Time:  30 minutes
    Or if it's easier, a DVD can hold apprx 1600 feet

    Will I get my film back?
    Yes.  In fact it will be in better shape than when you gave it to us.

    Some of my reels aren't marked, what do I do?  
    Take 5 can take a picture of a frame and email it to you.
    We usually like to like to send you a picture with kids in it to help
    determine where it should go in sequence.  We do not charge extra    
    for this.

    What type of music do you add?  
    We like to match the music with the mood of the film.  So if it is
    Christmas, we will use Christmas music.  If it a happy scene, it will be
    upbeat.  Some companies have a set music "track" they pop into the
    audio track..because face it, it's a lot easier!  However, that means
    you could get jazz with a funeral scene.  Take 5 takes the time to   
    match the mood so it flows better.  We get a lot of compliments on     
    our music selection.  

    Are there any other costs?
    The price includes one DVD.  There are no "mastering charge" or
    "rendering charge" or other hidden costs.  The only costs that are not
    included are if you want more than one title, any extra copies ($10
    each) and tax.

    Do you rent out projectors?  Yes, call for details.
What happens to my film?
Take 5 Productions uses the latest equipment to scan each individual
frame.  This process give you excellent clarity, no flicker and a full frame
picture. This is the same process used by the Academy of Motion Film
Archives in Hollywood.  If you are comparing, ask what process they are
using.  Some companies actually project the film onto the wall and film it
off of the wall through a video camera!  Ask if they can guarantee no
flicker and no frame cut offs.  Take 5 Productions can.

How do we do it?
Once your film is received, each reel is cleaned with a film safe cleaner.  
You would be amazed at the dust, mildew and grim on reels.  If there are
tears in the film, it is repaired.  The film scanner is sprocket-less, which
means your film is safe from tears.  The light is an LED light which means
you film is safe from burns.
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