Wedding  Services
Your past meets your
Take 5 Productions will create an elegant
and customized photo slideshow montage
for you to share with your guests.  A
montage during a wedding reception which
shares the history of the bride and groom is
an experience all will treasure and
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Custom DVD Slideshows
Wedding Editing Services

On a budget?  Let's face it times are tough.  Get the benefit of a
professional edited wedding video without the costs of a traditional
wedding videographer. You shot the footage, we will edit it for you.  
Here's how it works:
  • We will provide you with a "tips and tricks" sheet on how to
    take better wedding video
  • We will provide you with a recommended shot list
  • Have a trusted friend shot your footage
  • Bring your footage to us.  We will edit the footage second by
    second taking out any undesirable shots and focus on the  
    best footage.
  • You will receive:

  • Complete Edited Footage
  • DVD Chapter Menus with Scene Selections
  • Wedding Highlight Video- An apprx 5-7 best of the best
    footage including music, titles, transitions and effects
  • Three copies of your wedding on DVD with a custom
    imprinted label

Cost- $275 for all footage you give us.
Or cost just to transfer your tapes, no editing $25 per tape.
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On a Budget?  
Save some money by
filming your wedding
yourself and let us edit it.  
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