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Take 5 Productions provides these
services and more!
Production Company La Crosse
Reel to Reel Conversions
Slideshow Photo Montage
Wedding Production
About Take 5 Productions
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Video Slideshows
Graduations, Anniversaries,
Reunions, Wedding or just because

DVD/CD Duplication
One or 100!
Case or no case
Imprint DVDs with a picture or title

DVD Authoring
Menu options:
Play, Loop or Scene Selections

Transfer to and from CD, DVD, to and from
MPEG, MP4, AVI, WAV and much more
Make your video You Tube ready
Transfer to Hard Drives so you can edit your

Storage Options
We can transfer to either DVD or onto a flash

Transfers– Audio
Audio  Reels to CD
Cassettes to CD

Transfers- Film
8mm, Super 8 Silent & Sound, 16 mm Sound
& Silent
Transfers– Video Tapes
VHS, VHS-C, International,
S-VHS, Hi 8, Digital 8, DV Tapes  
to DVD or Hard Drive

Transfers– Cameras
Hard Drive Cameras to DVD or Hard Drive
Erasing Hard Drives
Still Camera or Cell Phone Video to DVD
or Hard Drive

Edit out Bad lighting, shaky video
Add Titles & Music
Capture just parts of video
Wedding Editing for do-it-yourself

Photos, Documents, Slides to CD
Scrapbook Pages      
Negatives- All Sizes  
Large size- Newspapers

VHS Tape Repair
8mm & Super 8 Projector Rental
Slide Projector Rental
Photo Restoration
Special Request?  Please ask. 608-790-3608
Take 5 Productions, LLC
Home Movie, Slide & Picture Transfer to DVD or
Digital Files, Video Slideshows & Audio Transfers
Serving the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area, Minnesota & the USA!
Call or Text: 608-790-3608- Onalaska, Wisconsin